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Ana Rosa

Bachelor and Masters in Communication, with international certification in Life Coaching and CPS (conditioning for Success). Has a background in Enneagram of Personality and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Works regularly as a trainer in the areas of Communication and Personal Development. Leads workshops promoting Individual Life Coaching focusing on themes of ...[+]

Ana Marques Grifo, Dra.

I graduated in 1997 an Education and Community Intervention, currently called Social Education. During my work experience, and motivated by the need to acquire other skills for a better intervention in the community, for the families and children who were being accompanied by me, I did in 2004, the "Theoretical ...[+]

Ana Rita Bastos

Not available in English ...[+]

Anabela do Cabo Morais, Drª.

I graduated in Psychology. First at ISCTE in Lisbon in social and organizational areas, then the FCSH of the University of Algarve in clinical and health, and post-graduated from the University of Medicine in Lisbon in Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. I am also a Professional former since 2000 in the ...[+]

Andrea Schoonheim

For a long time Andrea thought you had to be flexible to do yoga and for that reason never got into it. However yoga kept crossing her path and when the right teacher did as well a whole new chapter in her life started. Andrea now knows for sure everybody ...[+]

Andreia Mascarenhas

Not available in English ...[+]

Bárbara Aroucha

Yoga instructor by the Darshan Academy and author of "The Decisions We Make," her real motivation and passion is to bring other wellness based on self-esteem and compassion. Barbara believes that the human being is able to be happy and achieve their dreams, but to do so, you must remove ...[+]

Cristina Oliveira

For a long time lived a life considered normal within the socially acceptable parameters, with stability at all levels - family, professional and economic - married with two children, graduated in Modern Languages and Literature with specialization in Information. However, at some point, it was growing within me an ...[+]

Fátima Dias

Masseur - Alternative Therapist, formed since 2005, in various areas, including: - Chiropractice - Relaxation Massage - Massage Therapy - Treatment to column - Reiki, Magnetic Sciences - Cranio Massage (Nervous System). With nearly ten years of experience in different work environments: Hotels, Clinics, Hair and Esthetics clinics. ...[+]

Inês André, Drª.

Graduated in Naturology from the School of Biology and Health, she started her professional activity in the Algarve. With internships in Homeopathy and Clinical Nutrition, she has created her own guiding line that influences all her clinical practice, being a champion of the restoration of health through food (Functional Nutrition), and ...[+]

Jamina Ann Silva

Intuitive since a child, awoke in a more conscious way to spirituality at around 15/16 years of age, when she started using in a natural and innate form, the tarot cards. Now she has 20 years of experience in tarot reading, specializing herself in the Tarot of the Indians (Native ...[+]

João Paulo Pestana, Dr.

Dr. João Pestana is a visionary psychologist and an avid learner, committed to the investigation of the relationship between emotional distress and age-related illnesses, and the practice and dissemination of drug-free body-mind therapies, like Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. He received his academic and professional training in Clinical Psychology in ...[+]

Manuel Alves

With a course in Acupuncture, formed by Professor Balkrishna in the National Acupuncture Association in Oporto. Professor Balkrishna is considered one of the founders and major promoters of Acupuncture in Portugal. Before graduating in this Traditional Chinese Medicine Manuel Alves, himself was acupuncture patient getting very positive results. This experience changed ...[+]

Maria Raquel Tavares

Formed in Karmic Astrology and Tarot Kabbalistic; Dowsing and Radionics; Bach flowers, floral Materlux and Saint Germain; Reiki Magnified - Quantum Healing; Multidimensional Healing; ASPAS- associated of the Portuguese Association of Astrology - Member nº 185; Healing the Return to Source; PRISMology of Light Healing; Dolphin Reiki; Reiki Master (Usui ...[+]

Marina Pais

I was born in Lisbon in 1970. I graduated in Decorative Arts, Biomagnetics Therapy and Personal Development. Today with 44 years and mother of two, I am a professional Biomagnetics therapist and as a facilitator in workshops and personal guidance consultations, in order to share a new vision of life through ...[+]

Paula Farinha

Paula was born in São Tomé. Despite having dreamed and entered the law school, she managed to graduate in the teaching area (Portuguese-English). She took the first steps in the world of Yoga in 1995 and began her personal development journey. But it was only in 2009 that, ...[+]

Rita Dias

Holistic therapist and masseuse. Rita started professionally as a receptionist in a tourist village, but in the end she felt it was not her path. It was in 2011 that she began the interest in therapies, including Reiki, in order to help herself and others. She started with Reiki level ...[+]

Rui Valentim

At his stage of his life, Rui gives his energy and focus, to activities related to the directions of Biomagnetics, Arts, Personal Guidance and Education. Develops courses and workshops of Personal Orientation based on Quantum Physics and appointments in the area of Biomagnetcs and Sacred Geometry. Rui Valentim, channels his higher self ...[+]

Sandra Santin, Drª

Sandra Santin, formed psychologist from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná-Brazil (Equivalence awarded by the University of Coimbra) with experience in the Clinical area for more than 25 years, both at the private and institutional level. Member, 8001, by the Portuguese Psychologists' Association (OPP) Specialist in Clinical and Health Psychology - OPP Psychotherapist ...[+]

Sara Diogo, Drª.

Sara Diogo has a Master in Human Resource Management, and graduate in Health and Safety at Work. She is also Master's pratitioner in NLP and has NLP International Trainer Certification. Her Values in Life are Joy, Justice, Passion, Trust, Love and Contribution. She wishes a more conscious and so much happier world. Her ...[+]

Sílvia Artilheiro

Since 2009 I began to gain interest in the area of therapies and health. I started my journey through Chiropractice complemented with many workshops of Ayurveda Feet and Head and Dorn / Breuss method. In 2013 finished the course of Osteopathy completing the following year the master in ISEC (Institute of ...[+]

Sílvia Dionísio

I've always been curious about the holistic area, but only after 2003 I began to read more and search for articles related to this area. Taking more knowledge through reading and research, I did many courses in the holistic area always in search of spiritual evolvement. I did the first Reiki ...[+]

Veena Balkrishna Fernandes, Dra.

Dr. Veena Balkrishna Fernandes is an Ayurvedic Doctor from Prortugal. Daughter of Indian father but having grown up in Portugal, decided to return to the origins to be able to study in depth one of the oldest medicines in the human history. Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Gujarat Ayurvedic ...[+]

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