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Reconnection is a process that is done only once in life and consists in linking energy of points and lines that will be permanently active, contributing to a more rapid development, expanding consciousness and awareness in the development of new capabilities.

It consists of two sessions with at least one night in between, where the patient enjoys this activation and reconnection to his being.

"Sometimes people get a cure for the problem they have identified, and sometimes receive a cure for an unrelated problem. Sometimes just identifies physical healing when in reality also may receive emotional healing, mental or spiritual. Sometimes change is immediate, others is not visible for weeks or months, and sometimes one does not even recognize the change. " (Eric Pearl)

The commitment of the person to accept the healing process is very important, the person must be available to receive and accept all that the Universe brings. The healing can happen in many ways, the best way to ensure its occurrence is being in a peaceful environment where you can relax and get away from it all, may be lying down or sitting as you like.

It is important “to let go” the moment without anxiety, without expectations or attachments to the result, otherwise it may be damaging the healing process.


Price: 333.00 €