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Numerology is the science that studies the numbers as sacred symbols, and a powerful tool in the self-knowledge and personal development.

Each number contains in itself a universal symbolic meaning.

Numerology allows lift the veil of illusion. This illusion that prevents the Self to feel the real and immense potential that has within himself.

Through the study and analysis of Numerological numbers in our name and date of birth we know important aspects of our Soul and Personality - what lessons to learn, what lessons we learned, what are our biggest challenges i life, our deepest desires, what are the strengths of personality, what is the purpose of this life, what life cycles, among other things.

By having access to information from our numerological map we can "hear" the deepest desires of our soul, enhance our greatest strengths, minimize our defects, and heal old emotional wounds, adjust old patterns, thus rebalancing the various areas of our lives that need love and healing.

Better knowing our strengths and weaknesses will be much easier to find balance and personal fulfillment in various plans of our life.

To place an Numerology Appointment is necessary to indicate the date of birth and full name.
These data are processed separately, but analyzed and interpreted as a whole.
You can also indicate the name with which you are treated in the family, professional or socialy.

Price: 50.00 €