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Through the Enneagram is possible to understand the human being in nine main types of personality with its own characteristics of behavior and evolution path.

If you know how to deal with yourself and the differences of others you have many more opportunities to stand out in any area of your

The Enneagram is an ancient wisdom system created about 2,500 years ago, probably in ancient Egypt, but their knowledge was kept secret for many centuries.

The Enneagram is a personal development and transformation system that shows what motivates us and what holds us, what are our fears, strengths and weaknesses.

The discovery of your Enneatype will help you make positive changes in your way of living, the way you relate with yourself and with others, as will give you a deeper understanding of the circumstances and problems that are faced. Each type has specific strengths. Learn to recognize your weaknesses and strengths, thoroughly improving your life at all levels.

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