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Whether your pain is the result of a sudden traumatic injury or from long time overuse, this therapy can greatly assist you.

The term 'Kiro' is a Greek word meaning hand and massage. Chiropractice is based on the contact of two people, physical, psychic, and also energetic for therapeutic purposes.

The massage acts on the body and mind, giving the person an improvement of the circulatory, digestive, respiratory, skeletal, endocrine and lymphatic systems, in order to promote better health and quality of life.

Therapeutic Chiropractice is performed only and exclusively with the therapist hands, excluding any type of device. Aims treatments of:

- Alignment of the column,
- Alignment basin and / or legs
- Muscle contractions
- Muscle Strains
- Back pain
- Joint problems
- Nervous System
- Acceleration metabolism, decreasing fat deposits
- Body Relaxation
- Mind and revitalization Relief
- Stimulates the circulatory system
- Postural problems

Price: 40.00 €