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Technique of traditional Chinese medicine that stimulates the nerves in the skin and muscles by the penetration of thin, metallic needles.

Acupuncture is an ancient medicine with extensive clinical experience with origin in the East and since some years now has been deployed in the West with very positive results in several pathologies.

Acupuncture is an energy medicine where typically needles are placed in different locations with the intention to restore energy balance correcting the pathology of the patient. The needles are inserted into anatomical landmarks producing a wide variety of effects such as the release of natural pain killers. It is also possible to treat the patient with other techniques without the use of needles, eg moxibustion (application of heat in Acupoints) and "finger pressure" and others.
The "Acupoints" (acupuncture points) are mainly distributed on lines called "Chinese Meridians" for different therapeutic effects as appropriate.

The treatments with acupuncture are based on Eastern concepts such as the five elements:
- The Tao, balance between Yin and Yang
- The flow of Chi, the vital energy
- Xue, blood
- The Zang, organ
- Fu, viscus

Please notice: Pack of 4 appointments/treatments 120,00 €.

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