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Paula Farinha

Paula was born in São Tomé. Despite having dreamed and entered the law school, she managed to graduate in the teaching area (Portuguese-English).

She took the first steps in the world of Yoga in 1995 and began her personal development journey. But it was only in 2009 that, seeking knowledge and solving a personal discomfort related to physical contact, sought training in alternative medicines and manual therapies (massage).

She attended the course of Chiropractice, which ended with a final score of 18.7 values, and since then, her interest in manual techniques made her continue to deepen this area of studies.

Then, because of her connection to Yoga, in the same year she also completed the course of Thai massage - Thai Yoga
In 2010, she attended the course of Hot Stone Massage and Lymphatic Drainage and always looking for personal and therapeutic development began in Darshan Academy (European Association of Oriental Therapies) the two years course of Yoga Instructor and Yoga therapist (600 hours).

In 2011, motivated by welfare, knowledge and application of diverse healing techniques, seeks the path of Reiki - Essential method (level 1), attends the Sound Massage Course with Tibetan and Intuitive Music Cups and starts to teach yoga being able to share her knowledge and contribute to the personal development of others and a better world.

Between 2012 and 2013, she dedicated her life to the practice of teaching Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Massage and also worked with special populations (children, pregnant women, disabled and senior).

In 2014, starts a course o of Hypopressives (Hypopressive training) by the International Institute Hypopressive.

In 2015, increasingly aware of the importance of mental / energy body as the source of most of the problems manifested by the physical body, her route making continues in Serenity, an EFT workshop (Techniques Emotional Freedom) - level 1 to which follows the introductory and advanced levels, this time with the creator of Pestana method, Dr. João Paulo Pestana.

In the same year, 2015, also attended the course of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and deepen her meditation skills acquired during the course of Yoga, this time in Mindfulness. At the same time, continues her study in oriental massage techniques, participating in Massage Abhyanga Workshop, and ended the year making training in Energy Medicine by Donna Eden with Dr. John Paul Pestana.

“That every day is the beginning of a new year... a new life, more aware, healthy and HAPPY!”

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