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Marina Pais

I was born in Lisbon in 1970. I graduated in Decorative Arts, Biomagnetics Therapy and Personal Development.

Today with 44 years and mother of two, I am a professional Biomagnetics therapist and as a facilitator in workshops and personal guidance consultations, in order to share a new vision of life through a new paradigm.

Through Interior Decoration and Live Panels - Sculptures inspired by nature with recycled materials - I express my creativity through the Arts, in various environments.

Finding and keeping a physical, emotional, mental and energetic well-being, became my focus.

For me everything is connected. The environment is a reflection of the individual.

It was my healing that led me to make this training in Biomagnetics, in order to help others heal their body, mind and spirit.

My own testimony:

After one year of medical procedure, to treat severe pain in my hands, after all kind of tests, the pain continued and I could not do anything with my hands.

I was advised to do Biomagnetics therapy, through a friend who was doing this sessions with excellent results.

At the end of my second visit, I stopped having pains and started doing my normal life.

Thank you to my hands, that led me to this knowledge to now share this wealth!

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